Why are Customer Product Reviews Important?

Why are Customer Product Reviews Important?

Customer Product Reviews are an integral part of the shopping experience on Stabroek, and they benefit both customers and sellers.

Customers use reviews to:

·         Learn more about the product. Through reviews, customers can get product information that might not be clear in the product description.

·         Assess whether it fits their needs. By learning about other customers’ experiences with the product, customers can better assess whether it matches what they intend to use it for.

·         Make informed purchase decisions. Customer Reviews complement the product’s description and help give customers a comprehensive overview of the product, allowing them to make the best decision for them.

Sellers use reviews to:

·         Understand the customer sentiment about their products. Customer reviews and ratings help sellers understand the customers’ evaluation of their products.

·         Learn what aspects of the product customers like or dislike. Customer Reviews provide specific feedback from customers on what exactly they like or dislike about the product, and ideas to improve it.

·         Provide better customer service. Sellers can reply to comments from unsatisfied customers and offer to resolve their issues for any bad experience they had with the product.

Customer Product Reviews Policies

For Customer Product Reviews to continue to be beneficial to customers and sellers, they have to remain a true and authentic reflection of the customers’ experiences with the products. Stabroek has specific policies that are meant to protect the authenticity of Customer Reviews, and we ask you to comply with these policies and report any violations you might notice.

How to ensure compliance?

Report violations. While you are not responsible for violations from other sellers, you can help stop these violations by reporting them to [email protected]

Need Help?

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, you can contact us:

By email: [email protected]

By visiting this page on our website:https://stabroek.g/page/contact-us